Abrasive Processing & Technologies

Vibratory and Tumble Barrel Services

Whether it's vibratory, barrel, high-energy or one of our proven "super finishing" processes, we have have the equipment & experience to get the job done right.

Vibratory Media

We offer a full range of dry media for blasting. From highly aggressive to softer grit, click below to to see a sample of some of the media we have to offer.

Abrasive Blast Services

Our blast capabilities will strip rust or paint and prep your metal all in one step, all without the risk of a chemical stripper affecting your work.

Abrasive Processing & Technologies is your ISO 9001:2008 certified surface preparation specialist.

Headquartered just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana, we assist clients worldwide, in industries from automotive to medical and everything in between, with surface preparation needs, including cleaning, degreasing, deburring, rust removal, surface preparation and finishing.

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Our expertise is matching one of our 50 years of proven processes to meet our customers surface preparation needs - we are very good at what we do and that guarantees you get the best product at the best price.